Welcome to MIKASH Skincare

Welcome to M I K A S H Skincare

Our beautiful organic products have been specially formulated to soothe, calm, heal, protect & nourish any skin type. Every single product is handmade with love in small batches using only the best locally sourced Australian certified organic ingredients, we use wildcrafted aromatherapy grade essential oils, cold pressed extra virgin precious oils, unrefined, raw butters & natural plant derived in all of our skin + bath care, Mikash skincare contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, additives, artificial colours,dyes, synthetic fragrances, palm oil, lanolin, sulphates, mineral oils, ETDA, PEG's.  

Safe for eczema prone skin.

Our packaging is eco friendly PET bottles & recyclable. 

We are Australian inside & out making us proudly apart of the Australian made campaign and can be found on their website

Our best seller is our I AM RADIANT facial oil made from Organic cold pressed Jojoba oil