Our story


(Owner of Mikash Baby Skincare - Yasemin with her children Mikhail & Aisha) 


How it all started

During my first pregnancy I wasn't aware of how there would be so many harmful chemicals in skincare that would be bad not only on our skin but also within.

I just thought I had to do something about this.

I did a beauty & ingredients specialist course with this I was able to understand how the body interacts with different types of chemicals.

I soon began to research beneficial raw unrefined ingredients to start making my own products for myself & my family. I was so happy with what I had created so I started making some for my sisters & their family then word got around to my friends and their friends and so on.. 

I had amazing feedback on my products and photos sent to me of before and after images of my wonderful clients. so its lead me to start selling online I fist started with Instagram then Etsy and now my very own website. 

Mikash skincare is 100% made with Australian certified organic using plant based or coconut based ingredients handcrafted in small batches made to order. our products are vegan except for our Baby Bottom barrier butter that has beeswax in it, we are cruelty free and we support the environment by choosing recycled PET bottles. All of our products are proudly Australian made from our ingredients to our packaging, we are members of the Australian Made Campaign feel free to check us out on there website www.australianmade.com.au

over 7 years of experience i am proud to sell my skincare online to share my love in every single bottle with the world :)


The name behind M I K A S H Baby 

I am a mother of 2, Mikhail who is almost 3 years old and Aisha is 18 months old, wanting to keep it a family orientated business we came up with Mikash a combination of my children's names. Really I have to give credit to my husband Mikash was his idea.